Art & Design


“What poetry is for the mind, art is for the soul. Life is about creation”

Jemsoft founding members are in love with creativity and art to nourish the human soul. We are supporting fresh designs and upcoming fashion artists to embark into the world and be able to showcase their creations.

Feeling like a designer that likes to embrace the world with original designs? Feel free to approach us under the contact us page.

“Design is not for philosophy it's for life.”
Issey Miyake

Ajali Mazuri

Ajali Mazuri

The team at Ajali Mazuri focuses on inspiring original designs tailored to the needs of their clients. Influenced by ethnic and historical design from the 20s, 50s and 70s they create enchanting and wearable one of a kind designs for the unique characters that like to stand out from the crowd.


La Deese

The team at LA DÉESE believe that true style never gets old and specialize in custom re-fitting funky creations from the past, using a variety of tools to let their creativity guide them. Their unique wearable designs, are passionately re-worked vintage clothing & accessories that are easily combined and wearable every day, maintaining their unique soul & creating a spirit for the modern individual with a twist.